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I want to capture all the fun and excitement of your wedding day with vibrant, timeless images. But at the heart of my photography are the love, joy and emotion that make your wedding day your own. Using my commercial and fine art background and my love for photojournalism, I’ll tell your one-of-a-kind wedding story with imaginative vision and unforgettable expression!

If we were to fit our style in just three words, they would be funelegant and timeless. We love creating conceptual fine-art wedding photography, adding fashion flare to each wedding but put most of our time and focus goes into documenting those unposed, fun, emotional, and once-in-a-life-time moments. 
We love working with couples who truly believe and appreciate the power and the art of photography. At the end of the wedding day, it’s the photographs we make keeps all the memories and the details alive rest of your lives!

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Football the love of the game

This was recent promotion for action sport photography  for

Canon 5d mark 2 firmware update for video



                          If you own a 5d mark 2 this is a no brainer. Get done and start shooting.


Dewey Chapman

Negation of photography


Negation of photography

It is a crazy business environment that getting crazier. To keep in perspective all business are feeling the heat. Example GM, Ford and it affects every business down the line. So where does the buck stop. We all have to eat. Is this the time to be the cheapest? What does cheapest mean?  Basically the lowest price for anything airline ticket, car rentals,

My thinking is to be completive and provide a quality product. People have quit spending money but looking to tight the belt a little. So hold your ground and dew good work. Love this utude clip please watch it.


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Dewey Chapman

Joe Referee


Joe is a volunteer referee for his church. He has been a referee for all most 10-years and  has great handle the task of being a fair and a good referee to a tee. Many former college basket ball players and some europe professional player has played on the this league. It is a high power league that require a keen eye from joe and  his fellow referee crew. All the image were photographed with two  Canon 580 speed lights. This is a fun way showing what you can  dew with these lights.


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Dewey chapman